About us

MCW Tech Sdn Bhd was established on 2017.
Organised by one of the pioneer team in Negative-Ion industries
From a humble set up, a small company name Sugawa Sdn Bhd which gradually become on the pioneer in Negative-Ion and home living industry.
Their establishment focused on making negative-ion products and eco-friendly products
One of the brand new products is IonPaint which was discovered by one of the Board of Directors when he found out that almost 2.8 million people die yearly due to indoor environment pollution.


Nature places such as forest, mountain and water fall consist of negative ions at concentration of 2000 – 5000/cm3. This is the main reason why people felt refreshing when they are at such an environment.

Mission & Vision

To provide healthy life delicacies that suits the taste of the consumers and to their budget as well.

To educate the benefit of negative ion and the important of eco-friendly to the public.

Our Product

The Ionpaint on the wall emits negative ions.
Negative ions will be attracted and attached to the positive charged pollutions in the air, such as bacteria, dust and smoke.
After negative ions attached with the pollutants in the air, the smaller molecules will gather and become a bigger molecule, and settle on floor.

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